• Organization of a community-based health programme benefiting over 15,000 people with a focus on women, girls and elderly. Foundation work closely with Front line workers, ASHA, Govt. Health departments and their staff during COVID-19 pandemics.
  • Foundation distributes more than 15000 N-95 masks and 10000 environment friendly sanitary pads for adolescent girls and women. These sanitary pads washable and will be used 70 times.
  • Formation of Community Based Organizations (CBOs) – 15 Joint Liabilities Groups (JLGs) with more than 150 women and 15 Village Development Committees (VDCs), 50% of which are women.
  • Organizing more than 100 awareness and training sessions on WASH, Soil and water conservation, Climate change, Disaster preparedness, COVID-19 pandemic, Protection the girl’s child rights, adolescents’ girls, self-care trainings for older community, Govt. schemes, etc.
  • "Educate Girls" providing scholarship for 10 school girls who has single parents and doing work in small factories, housekeeping, sweepers, etc.
  • "Panch trau" Providing 5 plants for plantation to 100 families and 1000 plants school children (one plant for each child) for make environment green.
  • We serve more than 1000 dry food ration kits with 20-25kg flourmill aata of wheat, @1kg each two type pulses, one-liter edible oil. Salt, spices and hygiene kit with sanitizer, 3 shops, tooth pest &brush, raiser for saving, etc. these food and hygiene kits distributed in the rural hamlets (dhanies) and slums area. This time people staying at there home during lock down they don't have nothing to eat, so that time such help was great help for them as they told. This help provide with the support of network partners and foundation to these over 5000 vulnerable groups of people.
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Our Partners
Foundation has worked in partnership with the Government agencies (Government of India and Government of Rajasthan) and CSR agencies i.e.
  • Sattva Consulting
  • United Way of Bengaluru
  • Action Covid-19 Team Grants (ACT)
  • Give India
  • Sphere (COVID-19 Academy) India with the collaborations of World Health Organization (WHO)
  • UNICEF India
  • ATE Chandra Foundation
  • World food program
  • Cairing Friends
  • CHCs, PHCs, ICDS, AWWs, ANMs, School Teachers, etc.